Development of Orthopedic Implants


With background of biomechanical and biomaterial engineering, I have initiated my research in the area of orthopedic implants since 2010. Working with orthopedic manufacturers in the area of trauma implants and total joint replacements in terms of research, testing, analysis, validation, verification, clinical studies and technical writing promoted me as who can develop new ideas for development of orthopedic implants. Being diligent in engineering, research, and writing enhanced my mind to be sharp in discussion, idea conception, and analysis and be prominent on biomechanical, material, biological, and clinical aspects of orthopedic implants. Currently, my main interest and effort is to compile these four mentioned aspects for creation of novel design conception in orthopedic implant industry. Due to my talent and patience in discussing, structuring, and expressing, I have chosen writing as the tool to share and enhance my contributions in the topic of orthopedic implants.

Vision & Mission 

As a project manager and writer in the field of trauma implants and total joint replacements,  I would like to keep developing my contributions to the relevant audiences around the orthopedic implants in the form of books, white papers, review and discussion articles, and hypothesizing new conceptual implants for further enhancement of clinical outcomes. 

Amirhossein Goharian